APIs have the potential to transform businesses

Create, Understand and Execute predictions in seconds inside your own technology architecture, cloud or on-prem, no matter the size of the organization.

Step 1



Once you send the data, our Artificial Intelligence will give you the best model possible, its accuracy in the prediction, and a test file .csv so you can automate backtesting, understanding, and deployment.

Step 2



The best predictions are the ones that we really understand in the present. Through reports and dashboards, we allow users to monitor and interact with correlations, anomalies, and most important values.

Step 3



Decisions are made by humans. Connecting your BI tools to our predictions, your teams will be able to create and upgrade current digital architectures, products, services, and operations in seconds.


Access to more than 400 Machine-Learning models

Automated Feature Selection

Process Parallelization

One-click deployment


Business Intelligence Tools Integration

(Salesforce, QlikView, IBM Watson, Kibana) coming soon)

Cloud Integration (AWS and Google Cloud(cs)

Elasticsearch integration

Build a Prediction
Deploy the results

Build a Prediction

Automate and scale the process of building and testing Machine-Learning models across your products and services.

Deploy the results

Fuel the models with new data and create custom predictive reports in seconds.


Predictions pkg

Monthly service based on data input request for quotation.

AI Recommendations pkg

Recommendations from predictions.

AI Report Service

(Under development) Weekly report of features.


Monthly service delivering a specialized data science report focused on your products.

Cost of Cloud Computing and on premise integrations are charged by separate.

Access to our API documentation in this Link.