Discover the true value of your data

We increase the efficacy of analytical teams in the deployment of predictive insights among data-driven organizations.

We believe that a cost-effective digital transformation can only be achieved through the rapid monetization of the data. With our technology data scientist/analytics teams are deploying efficiently A.I and automation for more than 25 million end-users in the Americas.
Try our platform and:

  • Save time in training and deployment of Machine Learning algorithms
  • Increase the accuracy of your company predictive vision
  • Engineer your data for any Digital Transformation challenge

ERA delivers accurate predictions faster than any other too

ERA is enabling fast and scalable predictions in data science teams, creating a hub of predictive insights making them understandable for all the organization, users and clients.

Discover a new way of “forging” products with the best predictive accuracy


Our Technology

Is growing every month in integrations and features, we put on display two ways for crafting predictions:



Built to deploy fast predictions for analytical teams looking to save time and resources in programming and deployment.

  • Verify data integrity.
  • Upload multiple data sources.
  • Test multiple predictions at once.
  • Deliver accurate prescriptions to your organization.
  • Automate reports and visualizations.



We allocate all the most industry usable capabilities of Machine Learning in a set of API calls.

  • Interpretable ML models.
  • Most important features.
  • Data Science custom reports.
  • Multiple Training and deployment.
  • Data engineering.
  • Automation of agents.

Evolutionary Reinforced Algorithms


Create, understand and execute predictions in seconds inside your own technology architecture, the cloud or under our ai ready hardware, no matter the size of the organization

Upload Data

Train and test the best ML algorithm

Deploy Results

We believe that AI will be part of every human life in the following decades, we share our experiences with the world and discuss the state of the art topics in Machine Learning, Digital Transformation and more.

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